02.05.02 :: 11:41 am

The scraping of my insides is done and my very kind and funny gyno reassured me and My Boy that, yes indeed, there would be babies in our marital future and that there's nothing to worry about and, oh here, these new birth control pills, they make you horny and make you not gain weight here you go, have them.

And thank you very much.

I almost wanted to stay home today. Because I'm feeling a little bit of the wintery-sick coming on, and also because of the cable modem, and also because of the DVDs we haven't watched yet.

Six pounds, in weight-gain news. Six fucking pounds. And this makes me so mad, so so mad that I wish I had the idiotic/destructive self-control it took to starve the six pounds out of me.

But no. We're going the healthy route. Greens and greens and steamed this and that and fruit. And no fried and no sweet and no carb and no cheating.

Fuck you, body.

You're gonna get it.

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