06.18.07 :: 12:03 pm

it's gotten so bad that i was put on oral medication for the warzone that is my excuse for a face.

all i know is that i want my skin back.

i'm so depressed about this and i know it's vain and such a first world problem but it's my fucking FACE and i'd like to be able to walk out of the house every day and not be completely moritifed and embarrassed and suicidal.

so annoying.
"perioral dermatitis"/"rosacea acne"

And, of course, it takes FOREVER to treat. Results may vary but most likely I won't see any improvement for another 2 months. IF THAT. And, apparently, it's a chronic, persistent affliction.

God, and to think, I used to be pretty.

Not catching any break any time soon,

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