06.13.08 :: 12:26 pm

I've pretty much already checked out for the weekend.

After work we're headed to Palm Springs where it's currently 105 and sunny and which reminds me - we need sunscreen - and I absolutely cannot wait to drink frosty virgin blended drinks while floating in the pool for hours and hours for two days straight.

And then next week, the Gods have truly smiled upon me because not only is it my last week of work before maternity leave but Winnie is as far away from me as possible (China) and Stash & Ro are going to be in New York and I will have the office to myself whereupon I will listen to MY music, and read magazines, and generally be as unproductive as possible which will of course warrant me leaving at 3PM every day.


And then you know what? 3 solid weeks of lounging/nesting before Oliver makes his grand entrance.

We were saying last night that we couldn't wait to see the look on the dog's face when we bring him home.
If last week's baby shower is any indication, I predict she'll smell him for a few seconds, decide he's not edible, and then go take a nap.

It's lunchtime!! Off to decide with what to assault my face.

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