02.09.04 :: 9:16 am

We spent the entire weekend alternating between various states of undress, movie watching and eating. On Saturday night we actually went out to two parties, danced together at one of them, and passed out drunkenly on his sofa around 3.

Friday through Sunday it was the all Mr. M channel on my dial and it was great. A marathon of Mr. M and Sundaygirl fun times and it's been so long since I've had that and I have to say I really, really deserve it.

Today, he is working feverishly, catching up on neglected web sites and such and I am trying to get my head into work mode as well but it's completely unappetizing to me right now.

Hopefully, this week will sail by really fast.

Talks about car rentals and road trips are in the air.

And everything around me has its color jacked up to eleven.

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