03.16.06 :: 9:41 am

Totally rode the subway today with a guy I went on one date with two years ago.
I didn’t remember him right away because it was only one date, and it was right around the time Mr. M and I were getting all into each other (however briefly) but he was smiling at me and I thought, oh how nice. A cute guy in New York reading the Wall Street Journal, smiling at me. Doesn’t happen too often.

He got up at his stop, walked over to me, tapped my knees with his paper, smiled, and said “Radar Secret Service.” Which was my screen name on the dating site we were on.

I don’t know whether to be flattered or weirded out that he remembered me

But I kinda wish I had said “hello” or at least something more than just smiling like a confused moron.
He was a really nice guy, if memory serves.

Isn’t it strange who our bizarre little hearts choose to latch onto? What a crapshoot this love stuff is.

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