11.19.01 :: 8:09 pm

Laurie makes foldable bags, yo. Evening bags, no less. They fold flat. They're leather. They're simply divine. If this thing gets off the ground, she's launching ___________.

I'm not saying the name because there are bad people out there who'll just steal it because it's marvelius.

So I'm in the process of editing the infomercial we filmed on Sunday about her bags. And it was fun.

The main idea is: closet space in manhattan = scarce. Laurie's bags = Godsend.

Rock on.

I hope it works out for her. I hope she finds a seamstress and this thing launches.

I hope Vanilla Yarn takes off too.

First step, a trip to the photo place to have some stuff blown up, saturated with color, and then framed.

And then, who knows? A permit to sell on NYC streets, perhaps.

You watch for me.

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