12.28.09 :: 6:23 pm

words don't exist to adequately convey my lack of enthusiasm for Avatar

That movie was a fucking pain in the ass.

Literally. I mean, it was 3 hours long.
Also, metaphorically. A PAIN IN THE ASS.

My list of complaints are long but I can sum it up thusly:
You spent $400 million and the best font you could find was Papyrus? What's wrong with you people?

Secondly, racist.

Thirdly, shut up James Cameron

Fourthly. The script was clearly written by a sixth grade English class during study hall/detention/summer vacation and I'm bummed that they didn't get credit.

Fifth. No amount of special effects wizardry can cover up such an abysmally wafer-thin plot.

This movie is for people who just like to look at pretty colors.

I am flunking you out of life, James Cameron.

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