12.27.02 :: 12:06 pm

Woke up crying uncontrollably this morning.

Terribly sad, cinematic-type dream involving me committing suicide and coming back as another girl because I felt incredibly guilty in leaving the love of my life.

The only catch was, I couldn't tell him it was me.

And all the sadness that implies. Trying to comfort his broken heart, pulling him down off ledges, curling himself in a fetal position around pictures of my former self.

It was awful. I have never felt so bad about something I had done to someone I don't even know in real life.

It's unexplainable, the sadness of it.

The Boy said he heard me whimpering in my sleep.

It was the most beautiful-looking but heartbreaking dream I've ever had.

I only hope it doesn't mean anything, in the grand scheme of things.

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