10.30.01 :: 10:25 am

I'm winded. That sucked.

Anyway, so last night I finished the artwork I was working on and it looks really hot, I hafta say. I think I have an eye for it. The other band's artwork has a little race car zooming into the horizon and I screened a white flower into the blue sky and it's very 60's-ish and I likey likey.

There is not enough caffeine in the known universe right now that will keep me awake.

Oh, one more thing: a very happy birthday to My Boy. The big 28 and it's hard to believe I remember his 20th.

Moms got herhands on a complimentary bottle of Veuve Cliquot and later on, we'll toast to the birthday boy and get our drunk on. Sick or no sick.

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