11.28.04 :: 2:05 pm

Ryan loaded another four gigs of music onto my computer and we promptly realized that I need to buy a new hard drive.

At least 80 gigs.

Just for music alone.

The insanity.

This weekend, while long and wondorus, went by entirely too fast. It was spent mostly in jammies and lolling around in bed in various states of undress and regular intervals of pigging out.

We got drunk last night at my 2nd favorite bar, Great Lakes, with Lemur and his girlfriend and Elliott.

It was a blast. Listened to good music, drank many Jack&Cokes and stumbled home arm in arm in the rain.

I've created a new playlist that I'm listening to right now. It looks like a mentally deranged person put it together. Lightning Seeds into Lee Perry into Guided By Voices...
I love it.

Earlier this morning, Ryan and I got into a Vaseline fight. It was every bit as retarded, gross, and absurd as it sounds.

Off to shower.

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