08.11.08 :: 5:23 pm

I'd breastfeed forever if it weren't so creepy to have a Kindergardener hanging off my boob.

I'm losing weight like it's my mothertruckin' JOB. My wedding ring fits again, and I only have 10 more pounds to go before I'm back to wedding weight.

that is CRAZY. That means, in four weeks, I've lost FORTY-FIVE POUNDS. How have I not been hospitalized?

This coupled with the various exercises I'm doing to keep the Tater soothed and relaxed (see: The Side to Side Bends, Hush Little Baby Lifts, Dance of the Sleep Deprived, Bathroom Boogie, and the LA Loft Two Step) is just melting off the pounds.

In other news, I found out today that my best childhood friend got in touch with my mother (long & boring story, nevermind about it) and told her that she, too, had a son born on July 8th.
WHAT THE HELL!? That kind of eerie coincidence is usually reserved for movies, no?

Anyway, we're back in touch after 20 or so years. Crazy.

And, finally, I'm so glad the French got their stupid fromage-eating butts handed to them by Team USA in the 4x100 relay yesterday.

That will be the only patriotic thing I say with regards to the Olympics, ever.

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