04.23.08 :: 8:58 am

You know I'm not one to get all political up in here but seriously, Hillary is beginning to BUG.

She would have to win by like FIFTY PERCENT in the remaining states which is so beyond the realm of possibility and yet she's still at it.

They're going to drag her away kicking and screaming in a straitjacket come inauguration day.

Just ignore the crazy lady, Mr. Obama. It will all be over soon.

In other news, they're filming a movie about a block away from our apartment and the entire street is decked out to make it seem like a street in New York.
They got it pretty right on, I must say.

Newsstand, hot dog stand, flowers spilling out of a fake deli front, a bus stop, and all complete with the green garbage cans and benches.

I told Ryan, "I am prepared to live on this street for however long this film crew is here."

And I was almost serious.

This morning, I need coffee desperately. Had a really rough night's non-sleep. Lots of strange dreams and having to pee every hour on the hour.

The discomfort of the the third trimester enters with a bang.

Fortunately, work isn't being nearly as annoying as usual.
And it's Wednesday, which means, hey.. that much closer to the weekend.

Little things.

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