06.02.07 :: 5:38 pm

cramped space elevates the blood pressure and tempers.

i lashed out over his seeming obsession with building every item of furniture we need for the new place like Pottery barn doesn't make an already perfectly lovely dining table.
and his seeming shutting out of any ideas i may have with regards to decorating.

like, hi, i have IMPECCABLE taste, hello stop being a hardheaded buttbag.

we're under a lot of stress.

we basically have to buy a car, a bed, a television, and a couch in less than a month and while this seems fine and well, it becomes life or death because we're cramped and i have no exit, no driver's license.

feathers got ruffled and now are smoothed.
because he felt bad due to the fact that i've been feeling really hot and ill and i had a headache all morning that gave way to a bloody nose.

and i'm cursing my stupid body.
bloody NOSE? Thanks. Try my VAGINA, OK because it's now almost FOUR months with no sign of anything remotely resembling a period.

I have a gynie appointment on the 13th, though.
And I may just make it a day of maximum torture for myself by going to the DMV and taking the written test.

I really am starting to miss walking everywhere and having everything i need within a 2 block radius.

But hopefully our loft will finish building the downstairs shopping area soon and then i won't ever have to leave the building.


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