11.01.04 :: 9:22 am

I never learn. Five hours of dancing in heels and I'm somehow surprised at the amound of agony my lower back is in. Hi!

Halloween was a success, due in part to the awesomeness of Ruby and I dressing as the Robert Palmer girls and pulling it off so successfully, that people spontaneously burst out in "Addicted to Love" at us on the street as we walked.

Also, it cost zero dollars to dress up and this is also crucial.

Moo opted out of partying in favor of getting some last minute work done sothat we could hang out all day and evening yesterday.
Which we did.
And it was, of course, a blast.

We watched three terrible movies, cooked, fucked, walked around our neighborhood, and generally acted like a newlywed couple.

This morning, he asked: "Where are we drinking our sorrows away on Tuesday?"
Referring, obviously, to the Election results that are bound to give me agita and a migraine.

I said that the only way to not cry hysterically when the monkey is re-elected is to watch it with Jon Stewart.

And so we shall.

God, people, we're on the cusp of another four years of utter insanity. I hardly get political, but please please please do the right thing.

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