10.10.04 :: 5:05 pm

Miss Fiona's birthday was a smashing success.
We got dolled up and fucked our faces with delicious Italian food, chased it down with three carafes of wine (oh! my head!) and then brought the party over to another bar.

Where I saw my real-life doppelganger.

She even had the same haircut as me, let alone the same fucking face. The guy who was in her group of friends asked me to come over, and being the drunk that I am, I did.

I said "I know. I look exactly like your friend."

He was like "Yeah, I guess you do. But I wanted to talk to you to tell you that I think you're exceptionally gorgeous."

And then full on awkwardness. I thanked him, he introduced me to my identical twin sister, Danielle, and her boyfriend (who's reaction to the twintacularness was "Oh. Shit.") and then they went about their way.

This Danielle girl. Really freaked me out. But we had a laugh about it and figured one of our parents did some extra-curricular fucking.

Anyhow. The three of them left shortly thereafter and I wondered if the guy who called me over has told his buddy that he's got a crush on his girlfriend.

Food for thought.

Tonight, Morrissey. I hope the pictures I take tonight are clear enough to post tomorrow, but something tells me I'm gonna be a shaky, sobby mess.

Can't wait!

Oh, and another thing. How I know Moo is a keeper to te keepingest degree: Whorenun approval. The End. xo.

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