08.08.05 :: 6:55 pm

my stomach's been off all day today. so i fucked off work at 3:30 and came home to the stoosh-dog and the TV.

Got some things ready for our trip to Greece on Friday. Namely, my PASSPORT... hello. Checked, double-checked, triple-checked...

Camera and iPod charger - check
Converter - check
Passport and tickets - check

so many fucking things to get done and it's so spastic right up until the last possible second.

and today on prince street, i could have sworn i saw my crazy-ass abusive british ex. but i may have eaten rancid mayo for lunch, so... who can say?

Tomorrow? Tomorrow, you ask? The inimitable Swan Benet is in town, new girlfriend in tow.

I give myself fourteen minutes after introduction that I start spilling the beans about Swanny.
Namely, that she falls through decks, dances on lesbian bar tabletops, and lights herself on fire.

Now that's my kinda gal, don't know about you.

Had a fabulous weekend of Sims 2 and a night out with Ruby on Saturday where I consumed enough liquor to trick me into thinking two slices of pizza was a good idea.
I think that's what started the chain of unfortunate gastric events.

I hope to be in top shape by Friday, though.

This will require ear plugs at work, and a strict "No Richard" policy at home.


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