01.17.06 :: 10:04 am

the Stoosh-dog's been keeping us up at night.
I don't know if it's her ear bothering her or if she's too cold, but she's been needing to get into bed with us and all is fine and good until she realyl falls asleep and stretches out.
Today we're so exhausted, I poured juice into my cup of cereal and ryan's sporting some hefty bags under his eyes.

In another blow, my pet insurance expired and I may have to get her the surgery because her ear is really really inflamed.

Good heavens. At least it's a short week.

This weekend we just watched a crapload of football and meaningless reality TV.
Accompanied by Bloody Mary's, every time.

I worked feverishly on weddingstuffs including cute bookmarks, and am now allowed to put "Adobe Illustrator" on my resume.

Now that's how you do a three day weekend.

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