08.10.03 :: 10:25 pm

It is foolproof. My summer mantra, that is.

The second I utter it or even think it, my phone goes batshit with the sounds of men on the other end asking to see me.

Not one, but two men in the span of three hours.

One of them, the lovely Mark from the night at Buttermilk is coming over shortly for movies and godknowswhatelse. No, okay, I do know what else, but this is a family diary, people.

And the other one, Billy, from last night's shenanigans is taking me to dinner on Tuesday.

So. Summer mantra. It's working. Whether or not it is working for or against me remains to be seen.

And in other not so athletic news, the ex called me and he is back from his two month tour and he was calling from an ex-friend's apartment, which shall be called heretofore as the Big Spoon Shack (for reasons known only to Swan, Jon, and Alyssa) or the Den of Depression.

And I was completely and utterly reminded at how right I was to cut those people off.

And how friggin elated I am that I don't have to hang out with them ever again, ever.

I'm going to take a shower. I took out the trash and the stink is still with me. I figure that's probably offputting for my male suitor who's due to arrive.


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