12.19.02 :: 2:08 pm

There is not enough free cheese in the world to get me out of this week-long funk.

Work would be so nice and actually fulfilling if I could just get paid properly. I feel like a broken record.

The designs for the World Trade Center have quite honestly depressed me more than the actual events of 9/11.

OK, not really, but fucking close. I can't even post a link, I'm so depressed.

It's as if people didn't even take a look at the rest of the skyline and try to envision some buildings that would fit in or complement the rest.

Anyway, onward. I maintain my ongoing effort to not ever visit the site, ever.

It's present-buying time.

And tomorrow, it's haircut time. The one day out of six months I feel like a supah-dupah model.

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