12.10.05 :: 7:13 pm

friday night bevvies with ruby at a local watering hole and i struck up a convo with someone who has the same exact job that i do only for a different place (obviosuly).

this is fascinating to me because my job is so damn hyper-specific, it's like a fingerprint almost.

ry's hovering over open flame, making steaks. we got bad news tonight regarding his good friends in cali and the loss of their unborn baby.

i can't imagine how devastated they are.
they had one week until the due date, too.

so unbelievably sad and shocking.

i was going to go to a party in queens but now i think i'm just going to curl up on the couch and watch movies with ry and the dog.

it's way too freezing out and i'm not in a partying mood.

i still haven't done any christmas shopping. blast.

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