06.28.02 :: 9:52 am

Every morning, without fail, I hear the same thing on the news: "Overturned tractor-trailer..."

What is it with those things? They're not very safe, are they? And they alway, always overturn during morning rush hour on the busiest highways. You never hear about these things in the afternoon. It's a conspiracy, it has to be.

And what are tractor-trailers doing in Manhattan anyway? I'll never know.

Also, for today (and probably the rest of my life) I would like to call a moratorium on the following things:

- midriff shirts. Oy. and also vey.
-I (heart) NY anything.
- Patriotism.

Just some suggestions.

Hate, hate, hate, getting into arguments over the phone with the boy while he's 3,000 miles away, but luckily it's all been sorted out and I'd normally be gagging to death at even saying it, but this love just grows. Like a weed, like a whatever, but with every single stupid, lameass obstacle, it just keeps getting better. I'm marrying that boy. Imagine that.

So we resolved the dispute, made up, made everything right again, and it's still not time to see him yet.

You know, not only is he My Boy, but he is also My Beneficiary. This is funny, important fact.

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