12.21.03 :: 9:58 pm

I'm rediscovering music I listened to and was obsessed with in high school.

It's strangely comforting.

One of my roommates broke up with her boyfriend two months ago, went on a blind date, and the blind date is now her boyfriend.

I must have fucked babies in a former life. Just saying.


Ruby made me yummy brownies and a mix cd for Christmas, both of which were appreciated today while I nursed a hangover that screamed and screamed and screamed all day.

I got home from a party last night at six in the morning. And it was still raging on when I left. But you know it's time to go when the only way left to entertain yourself is to dare people to streak.

I'm having fun. I am having a time. I balance this with reminding myself every minute on the minute why I would never want to get back together with him ever again.

Em said something wise last night: "If you put suck into the bank thinking you'll eventually get paid in good stuff later, you are wrong. Suck in the bank means suck is what you have to withdraw."

Truer words were never spoken. It was a suckfest lightly salted every now and then with a good time.

No more depositing suck into my relationship account. No more.

I still feel young.

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