02.10.08 :: 5:14 pm

that turned out more than OK.

We didn't end up murdering each other with allen wrenches and the end result is two adorable pieces of furniture.

man, cribs are HUGE. I guess the baby will grow into it and it turns into a toddler bed and all but holy shit. That's the biggest bed ever for such a tiny tiny person.

I guess winter in LA is over. That was fast, and pain-free. we took a walk around the silver lake reservoir with Stoosh who can't get her energy out no matter how hard we try.
Although right now she's on the couch, dozing, her head resting on a pillow.
I have a dog who knows how to use pillows. Will wonders ever cease.

And ryan is currently playing Master Chef in the kitchen, reducing sauces and braising shanks and whatnot.

He would sweep Top Chef or Hell's Kitchen, but he's convinced he's not that good and shouldn't try out.
He could open a cafe just on his soups and stews alone.

Anyway, it goes without saying that it pains me beyond belief to have to go back to work tomorrow.
All that physically keeps me going in every fucking day is my trip to London and New Orleans and our move back to Brooklyn, way way way in the distance.

I can make it eight or nine more months. Piece of cake.

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