06.14.07 :: 2:40 pm

and not a moment too soon did i get my permit because i've pretty much reached my limit with ryan's parents.

i told him the other day that they absolutely blow me away. they're either ridiculously generous to the point of guilt, or ridiculously selfish to the point of anger.

case in point:
they were in texas this week. They, for some JACKED up reason, did not drive themselves to the airport so they're making ryan pick them up. Fine. Stupid and thoughtless, but whatever.
The KICKER is that they changed their flight so they could come in earlier so that they wouldn't have to come along for the ride when ryan picks me up from work.

Are we even for real.

Talk about INCONVENIENCING everyone around you.

Talk about the utter self-absorption that must be involved in not even thinking for a FLEETING moment that Ryan plays chauffeur ALL FUCKING DAY, EVERY DAY.

Seriously. ASSHATS.

Not only THAT, but it is utterly HILARIOUS that she would actually utter the phrase "I've decided not to deny myself anything I want" with regards to her personal growth or whatever.
Like denying herself a dozen plastic surgeries and FLYING LESSONS and million-dollar bonuses and INSANE-PERSON daily shopping sprees has ever been a problem for her in the past.

I'd say she's got the whole "not denying myself anything" routine pretty down pat.

It'd be nice if she'd for ONCE just be like "Oh, maybe I should tell Sundaygirl where I keep the linens" or "maybe I should offer to help them out with buying their first car since my ONLY SON is self-employed and my daughter-in-law JUST got a job and they're not making much money right now and I am quite honestly and literally sitting on MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars..."

See what I'm saying?

And like, it really makes me miss my mother. Like REALLY.
Not because she would buy me a car or anything because she can't afford it but this is what I'm saying.
She can't afford to help me out and yet I am 1,000,000% certain that she would freaking KILL HERSELF if she thought it would help me.
My mother?

i have gotten the distinct impression that this is not the case with ryan's parents.
his folks? they could probably give or take this whole "being parents" thing. I mean, it gets in the way of figuring out how to spend so much money and time and thought on themselves.

"More ME in the monitors, please" indeed. And hold the "please."
Is what I'm dealing with here.

And I'm tired.

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