08.18.06 :: 10:10 am

it's exciting news, the addition of free diet coke with lime to our office refrigerator.

nice perk. thanks, guys.

ruby's farewell happy hour bonanaza was last night and i did very, very well all things considered and then i got in a cab to go home and lost my shit. completely.
and then lost my shit at home in front of a very supportive ryan.

and while i appreciate people coming out of the woodwork to become my new bff, i don't want a new bff.

Ruby Foxx is irreplaceable. And I will have to figure out a way to convince her to move to L.A. with us.

I feel sad and gross and unsupportive.
I hope she doesn't read this and think I am a total tool.

I feel like a total tool. A selfish tool-y baby.

Perhaps a cafe mocha and a new pair of shoes might help my situation.
Let's find out.

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