04.11.02 :: 9:51 am

I'm craving eggs benedict on toast.

When I lead a very financially stable life, I will have eggs benedict on toast every weekend.

Speaking of financially stable, I feel sorry for the people who bought lottery tickets. Because their chances are still zero. But nobody's up with statistics, especially morons.

It's very interesting to watch said morons get taken advantage of.

You could have spent that fifty bucks on something real, buddy.


Donnie Darko was a very interesting, unsettling movie. And it got me and My Boy talking about wormholes, black holes, time travel, space, parallel universes, and such.

I'm not in possession of a very scientific brain, but I will say that if time travel were possible, I'd go back to college and study my ass off to get into forensics.

Regret is such a dirty thing.

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