09.15.05 :: 10:30 am

it appears that my landlord has not cashed my september rent check. yet.

but i must not rest on these laurels.

i am supposed to save at least $2,000 to contribute to my wedding madness and going on a shopping spree would be the unwisest decision i ever made, apart from agreeing to marry my last boyfriend.

Oh snap! I went there!

Anyhow, today is Ryan gift-buying day. I think a Cuisinart, a video game, and maybe a lovely fancy shirt will be sufficient to happify his day.

With what's left over from his allotted birthday fund, I am going to spend on minimal decorations for my 30th fiesta.

Thirty. THIRTY. I say it and it doesn't register. My mother said the same thing.

it must be weirder for her than for me, though. her only kid, all grownz up. i hope i've made her happy so far.

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