07.28.05 :: 3:24 pm

so here's the thing about Tiffany's.
While their diamonds are beautiful, high-quality pieces of bling... their settings leave a lot to be desired.

It was rows upon rows of cookie-cutter rings. And in the end, Ry and I said that we'd get more bang for his buck with the artistry and originality of something from Stuart Moore.

Also, and this is tooootally snobby on my part, but I don't like the Tiffany's clientele. Well, I shouldn't say clientele because they probably don't buy anything there, but it's a total tourist trap, and it was kind of annoying that all these khaki shorted soccer moms were leaning over me and ryan while i tried on rings.

Total circus.

Anyway, it was good to go and just see what was available. Now I never have to set foot there again!

Another weekend looms in the distance. I hope my girl is having a time, but I am ready for her to come back.

Cocktails await.

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