04.29.09 :: 6:35 pm

trying to marry off the boychild on the ASAPs what with all the playdates with his female buddy. His nighttime nightmare routine is starting to grind me down to the brittle end.

Although truth be told I think we found the solution to his annoying sleep woes: it takes a heat wave and busting out the vintage metal fan (yes, the more danger the better I always say) that sounds like a propeller plane when switched on.
Again, this is the same kid who used to fall asleep listening to recordings of solar flares, so I really shouldn't be surprised.


My great-aunt died yesterday, in People Other Than Oliver news.
She was 94. She lived a really long, leisurely life. The woman never worked. And I mean, not even a part-time job when she was a teen. Married off at 18, taken care of from that day forward.

That's why she lived so long.
She never had to deal with asshats microwaving fish twenty feet from her desk. Or peabrained simpletons fucking her shit up repeatedly.

This is why I'll live to 60.
I have an interview next week. I'll spare anyone who reads this the boring details, but suffice it to say that if I get this job, it will just be a repeat of every job I've had since 2001.

And I'll love every soul-injuring minute. Every life-denying, high-paying second.

Please Please Baby Vishnu Please.

Mama and the Fams they need a backyard and an extra bedroom.

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