08.06.09 :: 7:41 pm

For the two people who read this, I have to apologize in advance that there will be a slight delay in this month's Letter to Tater.

I debated whether or not I would write one at all past 12 months and came to the conclusion that I would because I forget so quickly the crap that happened last month.

But we're leaving on Sunday, the day after Month 13, and there is just no freaking time on earth to wrap my head around another month of Tater Gets Older, Wiser, More Destructive, and Adorable.

So it's hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to Greece we go for approxish 5 weeks.
Pray to whatever God/Force/Power/Muse/Graven Idol/American Idol you believe in that we get there safely first and foremost, and secondly, that the Mr. Batootle does not terrorize all the passengers too much with the earth-splitting shrieking.

Thanks and have a fantastic rest of summer.

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