02.12.08 :: 10:37 am

what kind of moron has never heard of the rapture? as in, the second coming of christ?
I'm not even religious and I've heard the word a billion times and know what it means.

Apparently, though, today was the first time ever that Stash & Ro were made aware of its existence. Not only that, but Stash hadn't even heard of the motherfucking Blondie song! Blondie! I swear to God, was she born and raised in space?

This! Makes! Me! So! Angry!
How can you even attempt to launch a rock & roll makeup line without knowledge of one of the most POPULAR SINGERS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

I work with two complete retards. And I've written the both of them off completely.

Not only that, but they're like a little gang of two and almost all of my contributions get shut down in favor of their more simple minded, living-under-a-rock ideas.
Nevermind that Ro doesn't even understand basic grammar. She says "supposably" !

I really hate having meetings with them. It's the least satisfying work-related task ever.

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