05.15.02 :: 10:28 am

I wander in to the fury of Mein Fuhrer this morning, and I swear to God, if ever there was a woman who needed to get some, it's her.

Onward. Totally woke up at 8:30 this morning and ran like a madwoman to the bus, failing to realize I had only $1.83 in my wallet. Luckily, the bus driver said "close enough."

Of course, when you get to work at 9:35, there is never any coffee left, and in order for me to deal with the Gestapo this morning, it's going to take at least two pots.

All I know is I'm very glad not to be onthe receiving end of the screaming match she's having right now in her office.

Taming of the shrew, right here, right now.

I'm going to get a bagel. Fuck this noise.

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