09.17.04 :: 9:37 am

Who knew planning a civilized, low-key get together would be so much work? OK, I did. I knew. But I'm definitely NOT looking forward to trekking all over manhattan for the following things:

1. tiramisu
2. greek cheese pies
3. a cheap slide projector or a giant flashlight.

The 3rd one is for this amazing slide Moo has which is of himself, age five or six, dressed in complete Batman gear. I thought it might be kind of cute to project it onto one of the walls for tomorrow's b-day party. Unfortunately, I don't have any slides of myself that equal the embarrassment, but being the trouper he is, he said it was okay for him to be the sole embarrassee.

Yesterday, I got him his present. I finally figured out what the man does not own: a rabbit. He's been toiling away with a rinky-dink opener for God knows hhow long, and this amazing (albeit pricey) new tool is going to make getting wine-sodden a lot more pleasant.

I did a bang-up job of gift-wrapping. I love gift wrapping. I got some Indian-inspired wrapping paper with pictures of Shiva on it and hot glued some flowers to the top. It's girly and bizarre, but then again, so is Moo.

OK, just kidding.

Anyway. I'm off to the crapper. Good morning.

Edited to add a makeup tip of the moment: pale green eyeshadow looks good on all skintypes. Just a handy FYI for those of you looking to try something new. I have on Stila eyeshadow in Cha Cha and it's really turning heads. Go on, gals!

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