10.31.05 :: 10:51 am

relatively quiet weekend considering the lunacy that halloween usually brings.

lotsof cooking and nesting and getting into a mildly retarded argument about wedding photographers where i finally just relented because the issue was more important to him, anyway, so he can just run with it and do whatever he thinks is best. i'm sure everything is going to be fine and i'm not going to sweat the small junk.

we made up an hour later through Arrested Development Season 2 disc 2 and then ate delicious seared albacore tuna.

i have to remember something wise trixi turner once said, "i don't think you're going to get a better marriage out of it by obsessing over menus [or photographers]."

and it's true.

i still wouldn't want to embark on this crazy-ass adventure in matrimony with anyone else.

so there's that.

so there's that.

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