07.16.03 :: 7:27 pm

It's like he's all tapped into my brain frequency. Every single fucking time I'm on the up and up, he sends me plaintive little text messages, either pathetic in their awkwardness or manipulative and cruel. It is impossible to decipher.

"Hi. How's your life?"

You know what, you damned fool? My life is fucking awesome and I mean that without the slightest trace of sarcasm.

If you meant to ask "Is your life better without me?" then I'd say, emphatically, it's getting there!

I know he will make it difficult for me when I finally, finally meet someone I think I can care about. He will say "this is so wrong, but I still think about you," like he has the past four times we've broken up.

He will attempt to kiss me, and then berate himself and leave.

I'm pre-empting this onslaught of nonsense. I want to give the next person I go out with a fair chance.

"How's your life?" is going to turn into "How's your love life?" and I'm not letting him do that. I'm not letting him passive-aggressively be a wedge between me and the possibility of a new relationship.

It's a whole new era, people.

And it's got the fresh scent of "I fucking rule."

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