01.11.06 :: 10:43 am

my bist frind rubyroo is in san fran for the week and i'm missing the estrogen power because it's been two weeks straight of guy friends, guy friends, guy friends.

there's only so much Deep Space Nine and 2-person shooting games I can handle.

So I've been impregnating my Sims women like bananas and posting on my bridal messageboard and staring at girly things in girly magazines and it's all evening out quite nicely.

I'm also doing very well in the "saving money department" as I have not spent a dime (not even on lunch!) in over two weeks.

And I've taught myself Illustrator to the point where I'm ready to start making vector graphics but before that, I'm actually ready to start printing invitations.

Today I am buying a papercutter. It's payday, and it's technically a business purchase, so I'm allowed.

Ryan is treating me to Blue Ribbon tomorrow night (bless his heart, he's the kindest soul ever born) and it's just in time because I'm so in the mood for foie gras and seafood.

I've lost four holiday pounds.
Things are looking up.

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