01.07.08 :: 10:22 am

week 13: enter the tent dress.

your friend and hostess, Sundaygirl, is wearing a dress that could conceal several children, floor fans, shoes, and various other household items underneath it, were it not for the basketball protruding from my midsection.

my tits, on the other hand, look awesome.

We accomplished one thing this weekend, Ry and I: getting a Costco membership.
And we proceeded to buy enough food to feed a small country and 2 pairs of FAT PANTS for myself.

Yes, checkout girl, I'm going to eat and lounge in my overwhelming blobosity!

I can tell you exactly why I hate Mondays, as well. Because the weekend gives me juuuust enough to time to forget about the asshats I work with and then on Monday their asshattery hits hard, as if for the very first time.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

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