2001-08-13 :: 12:51 a.m.

Good to go. One more hour and the car's coming. Off to JFK.

I got the jitters right now 'cause I just left My Boy and he was pretty cushiony in regards to my bugging out about flying, so now I'm just bugged. All i have to rebmer is that turbulence is like potholes in the street. Potholes. Potholes. Potholes.

And that it's really very very safe up there and that millions of people fly every day without incident and just think of how many car accidents happen in that time.


Packed way too many clothes for three weeks, I'll only end up needing my bikini and a pair of jeans for night time...but what the hell. Vacation va va va voom.

I'm off to boat days no internet no phones no television...

the next time I write will be three weeks from today.

Sex and the City sucked my left one last night in a major way. When did Carrie become such an ungrateful little ca-ca? An objection to "pear-shaped" diamonds, I mean what the fuck? She should be happy she got anything at all. I seriously hope Aidan dumps her idiot ass post haste because I can't take it anymore. I hope he finds out exactly how rude she was being about the ring and tells her to ram it up her ass.


Thank God there'll be no television where I'm going because I need a break.

Time to commune with the sand sea sun, people. Time to crawl into the ocean and breathe.

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