2001-07-01 :: 3:03 p.m.


I did it. I got my lizard. It's a darling thing in outline just kinda slinking upwards on my foot. It's me. I'm it. Best eighty bucks I've spent.

My Boy. He came with me. He got one too. His first! It was so spur of the moment. One minute we had tickets to see Memento, sipping margaritas at Milady's, the next thing I know we're in line returning the tickets, and on our way to St. Mark's Place. Badass.

It didn't hurt as much as the tattoo guys made it out to seem.

Now, how am I gonna work flip flops into my work schedule?

Saints alive. Is it hot or is it just me?

Only five hours till good TV.

This means I have to actually clean my apartment.

Oh, and Ruby? She needs to report to me. Something tells me after Don Hill's last night, my girl did a bad thing. A bad, naughty, groaning-in-the-morning after getting a nasty case of ceiling fright kind of a thing.

Back yard sleeping is pretty much the most fun ever. Besides the motherfreaking bug bites from hell. Friday night My Boy and I did that. Of course, there were drugs involved in this decision. But it was just too damn hot to sleep indoors. And we freaked ourselves out a little because something fell through some leaves... "What was that? A pineapple?" "Is there a monkey in the tree throwing things?"

Oh. My bed just called. It asked me to lay my body down this very second. I should listen. I don't want an angry bed.

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