01.08.09 :: 7:37 am

Dear Oliver,

Today you turned six months old. How amazing is that? Do you even remember what it was like in the womb? It was so long ago. You probably think youíve always been here in this apartment with us, crapping your pants and shouting. Some days, it certainly feels that way.

This month youíve accomplished a lot, so I can understand if youíre tired.
You found your feet! And this was such a score for you because itís two more things to shove into your mouth! Diaper changing became way more fun one day as you yogatastically grabbed your ankles, brought your feet to your mouth while grinning ear to ear and sucked on your big toes.

You also figured out how to roll from your tummy onto your back and this shocks the hell out of you every single time. The first time you accomplished this, you were naked. Come to think of it, a lot of your milestones are accomplished naked. Why is this?

Youíre totally going to be one of those hippie nudists when youíre old, arenít you?

Grandma Sunday bought us a baby food maker that steams and purees and weíve been making you such appetizing things as winter squash and you just love love love eating like a big boy.
Which brings me to the more disturbing development. Ever since we started you on delicious yummy real people food, you started pooping undelicious, unyummy people poops. Gone are the days of your non-offensive craps. This is bonafide, grown up, disgusting poop. And every time I open one of your crapped diapers, a gasp escapes my lips. You poop BIG, sir. Very big. I will leave it at that.

Another thing? Whatís with the dog whistle-type screeching? Itís seriously on a frequency that makes me lose control of my bladder and twitch. Youíve got a weapon there, kiddo. Use it wisely.

This month you began the long and whiny road to teething. Itís been several days of non stop crankypants-wearing but no sign of the buggers. Where are you hiding them? I swear I see the two tell-tale white bumps just below the surface of your gums but they havenít poked through yet.
The entire apartment is coated in your drool slime but we have yet to be rewarded with an extra tooth to brush. I hope you feel better soon, though. It really does suck for you and Iím so very sorry. I promise that when your teeth come in, you get to eat way more interesting food.

This month you became a little more independent and aware. We can leave you with your toys in your crib and youíll have at it and not freak out that weíve abandoned you. This can only mean youíre going to be ready to move out of the house next month. Itís been swell. Donít forget to call me every now and then, OK?

We discovered you really are ticklish this month as well. Armpits & thighs. And you cry-laugh when we attack you with tickling and itís really funny, Iím sorry. Itís great to see that youíre actually becoming a real person with normal reactions to things like this and also the sound of ice cube trays being emptied which is just horrid, what kind of people are we to subject you to such startling atrocity?

Standing is a big favorite of yours, too. Your dad and I really believe youíre going to skip crawling altogether and just start walking. Since youíre almost outgrowing your swing, weíre thinking of getting one of those exersaucer things so you can keep your feet on the floor while playing. Wonít that be fun? You can chase me around the apartment and run into things. Danger awaits you, my little guy!

Oh, Mr. Taters. Youíve been even more fun and funny this month, with your tongue clicking noises and your laughter and the best part of my entire day is when I come to get you out of your crib in the morning and you look up at me and you are so happy to see me that you grin widely and you make your ďIím so thrilled I could burst openĒ noise and I pick you up and you rest your head on my shoulder and we hug like that for a few minutes and everything about that one tiny moment could be the only thing I remember about my entire life and I would be OK with that.


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