11.10.09 :: 9:19 pm

Dear Oliver,

Two days ago you turned 16 months old. That's longer than most leases I've had in New York. How about that?

This month you've just been getting all expert at running and climbing things and even learning how to get up the stairs at the play structures in the playground. Go you!

You are an acrobat, a bendy, always on the go kid. I suppose I have you to thank for getting my butt into sample sizes for the first time in my entire life.
I'm constantly running behind you, trying to catch up, trying to catch you before you throw yourself down a flight of stairs. It is WORK. Make no mistake. We are working here.

You've also been working on your talking skills but besides the errant "dada" and "baba" we're still firmly planted in Babbleville. Which is fine, I mean sometimes the most amazing sounds come out of you. Like today? Today you could not stop howling "Yo!"

You can identify planes and trucks and fire engines and you love to stare at all of them.

We sit by the window when the weather is bad and watch the traffic.
We count things and sing.
We make up games where I pretend I'm throwing you but then you land on a stack of pillows.

All day long we run and shout like this. All day. I suppose in many ways we've been lucky that I've been unemployed for as long as I have because otherwise we wouldn't have all the time together, you and I.

And this has made you closer to me than I previously could ever imagine.

I ask you, "Where is your nose?" And you know.
I ask you "Where are your toes?" And you know.
I ask you, "Where is the dog?" And you point to the other poop-and-pee-factory in our family. You know.
I ask you "Where is Mama?"
And you point to yourself.

In due time, you obviously won't want anything to do with me. You'll be embarrassed and mortified by my galling existence in. How dare I! Who do I think I am, living??

But for now, Tootles, for now you can't tell the difference between me and you.

This is the purest love that has ever existed and that I've ever known.

I am the luckiest.


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