09.02.08 :: 5:59 pm

what the hell? when did it become september? any day now i'm going to turn around and oliver's growing a 'stache.

started looking at what jobs are out there in new york but i'm really hoping against hope that i qualify for unemployment and i can milk that for several months.

i figure my taxes have been paying for other people's funemployment for quite some time now. like, YEARS AND YEARS.
My turn!

This month, I turn 33. And Ryan turns 36. For our birthdays, we'd like a nanny for the entire day. And a case of liquor.

He's going to house-hunt in new york for 4 days in October and honestly, the thought of being left alone with my own baby is spine-chilling.
You haven't heard him scream. And he only calms down if he gets walked around the apartment. I've logged about 25 batrillion miles to date and have developed some pretty amazing shin splints.

Also. Putting off calling Bigwig's to tell them in not so many words that they can take their fakeola fakeout "offer" of another position within the company and shove it twistingly and lubelessly up their goddamned asses because I want them to think I'm really weighing all my options.
When in reality, there is only one.

Oooh, take the money and run.

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