12.22.01 :: 11:07 am

Well, as with all new things, you have to expect bumps in the road.

No, My Boy and I are fine. I'm talking pesky household things. Like, our washer and dryer don't work. We've used both only once. This means a familiar trek in cold weather to the laundromat. Feh.

Rousing game of Taboo last night with my ladies Trixi Turner and Ruby Foxx, Doc and Nana and Zucker; full of memorable quotes having nothing to do with the game.

... "I mean, really, what you're actually buying is a clip lamp, but IKEA calls it 'Tungstrom' or whatever, and you're hooked."

"Chocolate babies."

Team LAFSAB (Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board) kicks Team TALP (The Aggravated Little Pig) and after exhausting my laugh muscles, I got back home to find My Boy enjoying Pina Coladas by himself while rearranging his studio.

Now: Gotta wash a white shirt for work at 5. And: listening to My Bloody Valentine.

Tomorrow: dreaded double shift. Thirteen hours of my plate-balancing act.

Also, I am thinking of starting a Sundaygirl Wedding Dress Fund. I think if everyone I know donates ten or fifteen bucks to the cause, I could have my ass sheathed in Vera Wang by Summer '03, no problem.

Nota bene: This is the girliest I will ever be.

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