04.05.04 :: 4:46 pm

I also spent Saturday night with this one and I have to say, I love running with the gays.

We tore some shit up.

She actually told off a bartender we've despised for ages with this gem: "I just want you to know that you are a fucking bitch."

And then we all walked out.

At another lesbian joint, she almost got in trouble for skipping retarded songs on the jukebox. She's full of tricks.

I haven't laughed so hard ever. Mostly due to the horrible candid photo that was taken of her, openmouthed, staring into space.

Hopefully, I will be able to post it here when she sends me the CD of the photos and the movie of us singing along to epic classics such as "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and "Private Dancer" (to which Swanbenet humped each of our legs fervently).

She needs to come back to New York real soon.

All of us hookers miss her.

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