09.16.01 :: 8:19 pm

In other news, I'm over my ooginess surrounding sushi. In fact, I ate a whole buttload of it tonight.

Drummer Boy called me the other morning and it was actually kinda nice. Bygones are bygones, as they say. No hard feelings, etcetera and etcetera... maybe we will be friends after all.

My Boy and I went to the outlet malls today. Shopping against terrorism, I suppose. I bought two pairs of really fucking expensive shoes for under fifty bucks. Now, that's a bargain.

And My Boy bought me an early birthday present, this awesome blue corduroy jacket lined with sheepskin. Yum and yum. He's the best.

And then, sushi.

And now, PS2 games.

And later, "Home Movies" and "The Brak Show."

Today was the first day I actually felt like I would come away from this horror show without falling apart completely.

Everything in its own time.

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