08.08.03 :: 1:25 pm

It started out as an uneventful, usual trip to Buttermilk (which is now becoming the place to hang out, or meet up prior to hanging out somewhere else, or the midway point, or where we start the nigt, or where we end the night...) where Susie was meeting a friend of hers (Dave) for drinks to say goodbye.

Seeing that I was sorrowfully bored and pacing around the apartment looking for something to do, she invited me to come along.

I'm on my second vodka-tonic of the evening when Dave's friend Mark shows up.

And I knew the second that guy sauntered into the joint that I was taking him home.

You know. You can recognize your exact, specific type about ten miles away.

He was about six foot two, skinny like rock star skinny, dark hair/green eyed, wearing a white t-shirt and sporting what looked like a hot, mediterranean tan.

Turns out, he's been fixing boats all summer.

Whatever whatever talk talk talk, my place is two blocks away...

Done and done.

It was a pleasantly suprising twist to the same-old same-old.

I'm sayin'.

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