04.25.02 :: 10:08 am

Need to buy tanning lotion and pack. Need to drop off the Stoosh-dog at the kennel. We're at T-minus 23 hours before our Sin City arrival.

Today will be an amazing day. I am left alone. I am left alone. I am left alone.

My Boy had a nightmare last night about his mother calling him, all chipper, to tell him that I had died while visiting her. Died. And that in this dream he said to his mother "There's no way, she wouldn't miss the wedding. She wouldn't do that."

He woke himself up, really upset but I'm obviously not dead, so he's okay now.

Still, though, freaky. I mean, I hope to God above this isn't a prophecy. That would just blow.

Onto more pleasant items, it's bring your daughters to work day. I hope I get assigned to babysit/play with little girls instead of doing actual work.

My stupid ticktocking clock. Turn it off!

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