03.03.05 :: 4:37 pm

i've never needed a cocktail like i need one now.

it took the puff pastry an hour and a half to pick two bottles he liked and those were WITH CHANGES so pretty much the job gets harder by about a magnification of a thousand percent and whatever, he's a charming guy but he just has absolutely no idea what kind actual WORK goes into launching such a project.

Anyway. I am beat and I am coughy and I am going home, crawling into bed with my two loves (1 canine, 1 human) and zoning out to cable.

you know. i really do enjoy this life. warts and all, as they say. puff daddy combs and all.

and if i complain, it's mostly (maybe 56%) in jest.
if it weren't for the frustrations, what would i ever talk about?

5 months, 1 week, 2 days until Ryan and I are here, looking out across the water.

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