2001-06-19 :: 9:29 a.m.

My cousin Elena called me up with the plan.

She said "You don't get to know the itinerary." But. It involves a week and a half of sailing around the Cyclades in Greece. She said, "We got the yacht! We're ready!"

I'm feeling a tingling in my bones. It's going to be four girls on a mini-cruise. The bare essentials and maybe, perhaps, if the mood strikes, a disposable camera. Other than that, the only real evidence I will have of ever being a sailor girl is my journal, handwritten.

Elena said she'd teach me how to sail. I hope I don't inadvertently bring us into Turkey.

One yacht. Sleeps six. Four girls. Ten days. Five islands. Docking only to eat and explore and go out at night.

I don't know where we'll be showering, if at all. I'm going to be roughing it. Living on the ocean. Bad ass!


Oh my God, seafood! I haven't been this excited since ... okay, I haven't been this excited!

Will you miss me?

I wonder what I'll be like when I come back.

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