09.14.08 :: 2:15 pm

survived a weekend with the little mister in palm springs and for the life of me i can't understand my in-laws' bizarre relationship with air conditioning. as in, they don't have one.
it's over 100 degrees outside, but indoors it's a brisk 90.

anyway, we made it.
Oliver figured out how to keep himself entertained in his crib by babbling and not screaming, which is the best early birthday present a girl could ever ask for.

Now if only he could master peeing when the diaper is on...

Ryan and I also got a chance to get out for dinner one night and we had sushi at this place that flies in fresh fish from Japan three times a week.
Needless to say, it was fucking amazing.

More of that in my life, please.

I'd start the countdown to Get-Outta-Town '08, but it's still a tiny bit too early.

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